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Goa Art and Culture

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Bascillica of Bom Jesus Undoubtedly it is the stunning beaches, fringed with swaying palms, golden sand, scenic coves and captivating azure waters that make Goa one of the premier tourist destinations of the world. But beyond the coastline, in the least explored stretch of its picturesque villages and quaint little towns, lies Goa's rich art and culture. It is only in Goa that you will find several culture and art forms flourish in perfect harmony. In Goa, you will see that Christmas is celebrated with as much interest as Hindu festival of Deewali, or fish curry and rice are eaten side-by-side with chouricos. Goa is indeed a cultural bridge between the east and west, with Goans serving their important role as 'bridge keepers.' In truth, the words could not define the uniqueness of Goan art and culture, better you visit Goa and appreciate its distinct art, culture, history and people.

Art & Craft of Goa
Goa, a land of crafts and craftsmen, is definitely not behind in the field of arts and crafts too. Since time immemorial in Goa, artistic quality finds a natural expression. The major art forms of Goa include bamboo craft, brass metals, woodcarving, seashell craft, wooden lacquer ware and pappier-mache. Other important crafts are plaster of Paris, jute macramé, fabric collage, fiber stone carving, crochet and embroidery, fiber and batik prints, silver and imitation jewelry, artistic weaving cotton dolls, soft toys, woolen tapestry etc.

Art and Craft of Goa show a perfect harmony between Portuguese and Indian cultures. During the Portuguese rule, the local craftsmen played a major role in the development of the beautiful furnishings and decorations used in the churches, chapels and residential buildings. Till date, you can see this art form in the Christian Art Museum at Old Goa.
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Folk painting is another popular art form of Goa, which manifests itself from ancient temples, churches and palatial mansions to even humble households. The folk paintings mostly depict scenes from the epics the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranas and also from the New Testament. You can catch a glimpses of this Goan art in the museums and art galleries of the state.

Goan art is a unique blend of various art forms from different religious beliefs and life-styles. So it is common that you will see a Hindu artists representing Christian images. Even today you will find the influence of Goan traditional art in the intricately carved rosewood and teak furniture, the terracotta figures, the classical brass items and the unique gold jewellery.

Many a folk art and craft of Goa have now joined the mainstream and are commercially produced. Goan artists make attractive souvenirs for tourists in their ethnic ambience and also in the Arts and Crafts complex run by the government.

Performing art in Goa is a unique feature of the state. Performing arts in Goa have a distinct flavour and it can be easily differentiate from those of the other Indian states. What is notable in the performing arts in Goa, that they colourfully illustrates the unity in diversity of Goan heritage.

Music, dance and folklore are deeply rooted in the heart of Goans and the rhythm runs in their blood. Over the years, Goan have proved their excellence in the field of poetry, music and the fine arts. Goans have contributed a lot to the world of music and many popular names in the Indian music have originated from Goa.

Culture of Goa
One of Goa's most discerning assets is its rich cultural heritage. Its natural beauty and hospitality with the cultural heritage has put Goa on the international tourist map. Goa was under the Portuguese rule from 1510 to 1961 and the Portuguese influences are visible in Goa's art, culture, architecture, food and music. Over the years the Goans have imbibed the Portuguese culture in their lives and it is difficult to imagine about the state without its Portuguese link. While you are in Goa, you will come across different shades of the state. On the beach, Goa seems to be very happening place where people are ultra modern, but if you want to see the other side of Goa visit the Churches, Temples and Mosques. In these religious places you will observe that Goans are deeply connected to their respective religions.
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Art and Culture Goa Tour Packages

Vagator Beach in Goa
Features : Goa is known all over the world for its rich art and culture, which you can observe on Goa Tour in India. This tour takes you to small towns and big cities of Goa where a rich cultural heritage flourish since time immemorial. Visit Goa on this package and get a close look of popular arts forms like bamboo craft, brass metals, woodcarving, seashell craft, wooden lacquer ware etc.

Goa Beach
Features : Goa is famous for its rich art and culture, On India by Day and Night tour, you get a wonderful chance to observe the rich cultural heritage of the state. This tour takes you to almost all the parts of Goa, where you can see a variety of art forms. Besides, this package also provides you a chance to have a close look of Goan culture.

Se Cathedral Church
Features : During your five-days stay in Goa, Rajasthan Heritage and Goa takes you to various parts of the state. While you visit Goa on Rajasthan Heritage and Goa, you get a good chance to observe the various art forms and rich culture of the state. Popular Goan art forms that you can see on this tour are bamboo craft, woodcarving, brass metals, seashell craft, wooden lacquer ware, fabric collage and jute macramé. Besides, you can also enjoy traditional music, songs and dance of Goa.

Kerala Backwater - Kumarakom
Features : A thousand year of Hindu-Muslim rule, followed by 450 years of Portuguese rule has left a hybrid of Eastern and Western culture in Goa, that makes a trip to it a unique experience. Goa's old culture has contributed a lot in the field of arts and crafts. Today, many a folk art and craft have joined the mainstream and the Goan craftsmen make excellent souvenirs for tourists. On Best of South India tour, you get a good opportunity to experience the unique culture of Goa on your own.

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