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Fast Facts
Location : Old Goa, 9 kms away from Panaji
Year of Construction : 1594
Style of Architecture : Italian Renaissance with Baroque
Timings : Open between 6 am to 6.30 pm.

About the Church
Basilica De Bom Jesus Church - Goa If you are planning a trip to Goa, you must include the 'Basilica De Bom Jesus' in your itinerary, because your journey is incomplete without visiting this important Goan church. Dedicated to 'Bom Jesus' meaning 'good Jesus' or 'infant Jesus', the church stands as a witness to a landmark event in the Christian history.

According to Latin records, the construction of this church was started on 24th November 1594 and Fr. Aleixo de Menezes, the Archbishop of Goa, consecrated it on 15th May 1605, when it was completed. Basilica De Bom Jesus was elevated to the status of minor Basilica in the year 1946, and today ranks amongst the most popular churches of the world. Due to its historical significance and unmatched beauty, Basilica De Bom Jesus has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adjacent to the basilica is the Professed House, which was built in 1589 for the Jesuits. Professed house is a two-storeyed laterite building with lime plaster, a part of this building was burnt down in 1663 and reconstructed in 1783. Recently on the northern side of the church flying buttresses were added. A modern art gallery, called the Bom Jesus Church art gallery, is also attached to the church, which is the first and biggest art gallery in Asia. Basilica De Bom Jesus organizes a sound and light show based on the lives of Jesus Christ, Blessed Joseph Vaz and St. Francis Xavier.

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Architecture of the Church
A fine specimen of Jesuit architecture, the design of Basilica De Bom Jesus was inspired by the Church of St. Paul, which is now in ruins. Built of laterite, the church is cruciform on plan having a tiled roof. The exterior of the church, excepting the facade was lime plastered which was subsequently removed. The three-storeyed facade of Basilica De Bom Jesus, with delicately carved basalt embellishments is one of the richest in Goa.

The facade is a visual delight for your eyes and its Ionic, Doric and Corinthian columns depict the fine use of classical orders, in the Renaissance style. At the top of the facade you can see an intricately carved basalt medallion which depicts the emblem of the society of Jesus. As the facade follows the Baroque style, the layout of the basilica with its single rectangular nave follows the Renaissance style. In the ground floor of the basilica you will see three portals, on the first floor there are three corresponding long windows while on the second floors are three circular windows.

Interior of the Church
Just above the entrance of church, you will see a choir supported by columns. As you enter inside the church, its Mosaic Corinthian style interior will mesmerize you. Your eyes will suddenly fix on the grand marble floor of the church, which is adorned with precious stones. The interior of the church has two chapels, a main altar, a sacristy and a belfry at the back. A projecting gallery runs on the sides, which was made for the use of dignitaries on special occasions. Apart from these, the church also has a rich collection of paintings related to various instances from the life of St. Francis Xavier.

As you enter, beneath the choir, to your right is an altar of St. Anthony and to your left is an exceptionally well-carved wooden statue of St. Francis Xavier. In the middle of the nave on the northern wall is the cenotaph of Dom Jeronimo Mascarenhas, who was the benefactor of this church. Opposite the cenotaph, on the southern wall is a richly carved wooden pulpit having a canopy on top. When you reach at the end of the nave, there is the main altar which is flanked by two nicely decorated altars in transept, one dedicated to St. Michael and the other to Our Lady of Hope.

The profusely gilded main altar has a statue of infant Jesus. Just above this statue, there is a large statue of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the society of Jesus. In the north of the transept is the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament while on the southern side there is a chapel with gilded columns and floral decorations in wood.

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Features : On second day of Goa Tour in India, you will visit Goa's old capital city, Old Goa. After reaching Old Goa, head straight towards one of the most popular churches of the world, the Basilica de Bom Jesus Church. Basilica de Bom Jesus is noted for its excellent architecture and exquisite interiors. Get a close look of its picturesque beauty in this tour.

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Features : India by Day and Night tour takes you to the popular town of Old Goa, on seventh day of your trip. On this trip you get a good chance to visit the Basilica de Bom Jesus Church. Considered as world's one of the finest churches, Basilica de Bom Jesus will surely mesmerize with its picturesque beauty and marvellous architecture.

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Features : Starting from Mumbai, Rajasthan Heritage and Goa tour takes you to the state of Goa on day 15. On 17th day of this tour, you will visit Old Goa and get a good chance to visit the Basilica de Bom Jesus Church. One of the popular Goan churches, Basilica de Bom Jesus is known for its marvellous architecture, which will certainly mesmerize you.

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Features : Churches are one of the main attractions of Goa, which attract large number of tourists visiting the state. Old Goa, the old hub of Portuguese empire, is home to around a dozen cathedrals and churches such as Se Cathedral church, Basilica De Bom Jesus, Church of Lady Rosary and Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi. On Best of South India Tour, you may visit these popular churches of Goa.

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