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Goa Carnival Festival Goa Carnival

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Andaman and Nicobar Island

Celebrated in : February
Duration Of The Festival : 3 Days and 3 Nights

Goa CarnivalIf you dream to see the beautiful colours of life, indulge yourself in fun-filled activities or enjoy some exciting music and dance, don't bother, because Goa offers you all together in its annual Carnival.

In Goa's towns and villages, any Carnival is a colourful affair and the Goa Carnival is the most eagerly awaited event amongst them. A non-stop three day festival of colour, song and music, Goa Carnival provides you a healthy entertainment. It generates a soothing climate, full of fun-n-frolic and captivates your imagination instantly. It doesn't matter whether you enjoy or see others enjoying, you always end up finding lots of excitement and happiness all around.

Though, the Goa Carnival is primarily a Christian festival, but you will also find the influence of Hindu traditional festivity, western dance forms and many other traditions. Originally started as a celebration enjoyed by the local people, the Goa Carnival has today crossed the state boundaries and draws thousands of people from different parts of the country.

History of Goa Carnival
Goa Carnival has its origin back to the time of the Portuguese who ruled over the state till 1961. History says that Goa Carnival was introduced by the Portuguese rulers as a rowdy celebration in which they used to throw mud, sand-filled bags, flour, eggs, oranges, lemons, glue, a variety of liquids and several other items on the passersby. In addition, people also threw old used pots, pans and many other kitchen utensils out of their homes. Apart from these, fierce battle were waged on the streets, in which the weapons of the war were Plaster of Paris, Eggs, Corncobs, Beans and Wax Lemons. Goa Carnival was also an occasion for unlimited eating, people used to gorge on lavish foods, cakes, breads and parties, distributed by the convents.
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Since its origin, the Goa Carnival has been an epitome of the fun-loving culture, which is the characteristic of Goa. Today, many rituals have been dropped and several other added, but this festival of colour, fun and food, still retains its original charm.

Goa Carnival Today
King MemoHeld in the month of February, the Goa Carnival is the time when the legendary King Momo takes over the state and the streets of Goa come alive with music, dance and colour.

Preparations For The Carnival Begins In Advance
Although Goa Carnival is celebrated for only three days, but the preparations for this festival begins in advance, as long as three-four months back. Rehearsals for plays, songs, dances and mock battles begin in full swing. In fact, before the start of the carnival, every Goan fully prepares himself for the festivity.

What Happens For Three Days
Once the festival starts, all Goan do and think is feasting, drinking and merrymaking. The next three day of the festival is marked by the celebration of Goa's century old culture and tradition.

Streets Come Alive With Fun-Filled Activities
Move out on the streets and get the colourful sight of floats depicting famous lullabies and nursery rhymes. In this fun-filled atmosphere, see the people smearing colour on each other, instead of flour, eggs, fruit and water that was used in the old times.

Songs, Dances And Colourful Costumes Mesmerize You
Song and dance performances are major attractions of the Goa Carnival. Goan people themselves compose and choreograph the songs and dances. Their colourful costumes add loads of vibrancy to their performance.

Plays Provide A Glimpse Of Goan History
The plays enacted during the carnival are based on the Goan history or some other instances related to Goa. Usually, men take part in the plays and enact not only the role of males but even the roles of females. In their colourful and bright dresses and unique headgears they capture your attention at once.

Mock Battles - An Integral Part Of The Carnival
An integral part of the festival, the mock battles are fought by groups of masked people armed with baskets of rotten eggs, saw-dust or wheat flour packets known as cartuchos and cocotex, and syringes filled with coloured water.

Competitions Are Highlight Of The Festival
A number of competitions are organized during the carnival and winners of those competitions are selected by judges. On the final day, King Momo distributes prizes to them.

Other Activities Held To Liven Up Your Spirit
Fireworks, the musical orchestra of children, the funny costumes of people, fortune tellers predicting the future, are other few activities that you will spot during the festival. The excitement runs so high, that you can hardly sleep at night.

Actually, it is not possible to describe the whole festival in words, better you should visit Goa during the carnival time to get the real feel of that fun-filled air.

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Goa Carnival Tour Packages

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Features : Goa Tour in India provides you a good chance to participate in the Goa Carnival, celebrated every year in the month of February. Visit Goa in February , on Goa Tour in India and become a part a number of events organized during the festival. Song, dance and music are highlights of Goa Carnival, which you can enjoy on this package, for three days and nights.

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Features : A 31 days package, India by Day and Night provides you an excellent opportunity to participate in the Goa Carnival if you are visiting in the month of February. Visit Goa on this package and become a part of various fun-filled activities organized during the festival. Moreover, pull yourself outside your resort, enjoy three days and three nights of festivity at its best.

Se Cathedral Church
Features : Goa Carnival is the best time to observe the Goan culture, Rajasthan Heritage and Goa provides you an excellent opportunity to participate in this festival if you are visiting during the month of February. You can enjoy various fun-filled activities for three days and three nights. Visit Goa with Rajasthan Heritage and Goa and become a part of the fiesta that has now become the characteristic of Goa trip

Kerala Backwater - Kumarakom
Features : Goa Carnival celebrated every year in February, is a special time of Goan festivity. During this three-day festival, colourful processions, floats, dances, songs and music dazzle the streets of Goa. Best of South India takes you to the beautiful land of Goa, if you visit the state during the Goa carnival, you can become a part of various enthralling events.

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