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Goa People / Life In Goa

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Fisher in colva beach About Life In Goa
With its sun, sand and sea, living in Goa India has been the fore of wild jealousy since ancient time. Portuguese, French, British, Dutch and many other invaded Goa in succession. Some ventured to expedition, some ventured to trade and profit, yet some ventured to the cause of service to mankind. Apart from these, Goa is cited in other references in the epics - the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and in the Purana.

Despite the several intervening years of different rules, Goa still maintains its distinctively Portuguese flavour and culture in Goa.

People of Goa / Goan People
If you don't know, please note that people from Goa love to address themselves as Goans or even Goa Konkani, not by any other name. Goa's isolation from the rest of India under the Portuguese rule, its geographical boundaries in the form of the Sahyadri ranges and the rivers, have given the Goa people a unique and different identity. The people of Goa are very much conscious about their identity, they love it and guard it furiously. Goans are happy go people and known for living life to the fullest and nothing seems to diminish their spirits. The people of Goa are also famous for their friendly nature and if you are lucky enough, you might make some good friend during your travel to Goa.

Culture In Goa
Goa's population comprises 65% Hindus, 30 % Christians and rest are Muslim and other religions. The Hindu community is dominant in the talukas (districts) of Sanguem, Ponda, Satari, Quepem Bicholim, Pernem and Canacona. While the Chiristian population is dominant in the talukas of Mormugao, Bardez, Salcete and Tiswadi.
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Despite its mixed population Goa's identity is far different from any of the religions. The people of Goa love their land, and they consider themselves first as Goans and then Hindu, Christians, Muslims and others. The presence of harmony in varied cultures and religions of Goa, add on to the uniqueness of the state. You could find the best evidence of the religious harmony in quite few places of worship in Goa, where both Hindus and Christians go together. The Church of Our Lady of Miracles in Mapusa, the Damodar temple at Sangeum and the Shantadurga temple at Fatorpa are the places where you can see the unique religious harmony existing in Goa.

Not only in the religious places, but you will also see the harmony between the Goan during their fairs and festivals. With different religious and cultural backgrounds, Goan celebrate each other's fairs and festivals with equal enthusiasm.

Goa Lifestyle
Goans are famous all over the world, for their unique lifestyle, which reflects the perfect blending of different cultures that they witnessed over the centuries. For more than 450 years, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese, who left a great impact on the lifestyle of Goa. Even today when you will visit Goa, experience that Portuguese charm and in the form of Goa fun activities.

By nature Goans are warm, easy going, big hearted and they live life in style at a relaxed pace. Music and dance is in the blood of Goans since time immemorial, even today they don't leave a single occasion to pull a string or shake their legs. When it comes to food and drink, Goan like their traditional dishes, exotic seafood and feni. Fairs and festivals are the integral part of their life and they celebrate every festival with fun and frolic. Nightlife and rave parties of Goa add more liveliness to life and typical Goa style.

Goans wake up late and sleeps early, most shops open by 9.30 am and shut by 8 pm. Afternoon siesta is mandatory in Goa, so don't be surprised to find shops closed between 1 pm to 4 pm. This trend is slowly changing, however, it remains widely prevalent.
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People and Lifestyle of Goa Tour Packages

Vagator Beach in Goa
Features : On Goa Tour in India you will get an excellent opportunity to visit the popular destinations of Goa. This tour takes you to various parts of the state, where you will meet with local people and also get a chance to observe their way of living. Visit Goa on this tour package, make some good friends and even experience the Goan lifestyle at its best.

Goa Beach
Features : A 31 day tour package, India by Day and Night gives you an opportunity to explore Goa for around 13 days. With so much of time in hand, you can meet up with the people of Goa and observe their way of living quiet closely. The tour also gives you a chance to understand the how different Goans are from the people of other states.

Se Cathedral Church
Features : On Rajasthan Heritage and Goa tour, you visit almost each and every corner of the Goa. While you visit Goa on this tour, you get a fine opportunity to meet Goans, who follow a relaxed lifestyle. Also, you can interact with them and discover newer aspects of their lifestyle.

Kerala Backwater - Kumarakom
Features : One of Goa's most discerning assets is its rich cultural heritage, which has put Goa on the international tourist map. Goan are lively people and music, dance and folklore run in their blood. Best of South India provides you a good chance to visit the various destinations of Goa, where you can meet the local people and observe their lifestyle very closely.

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People & Lifestyle of Goa

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