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Adventure in Himachal PradeshBestowed with natural jewels like low rolling hills, just few hundred metres above sea level; snow-clad peaks that are thousand metres high; visually stunning cold deserts of the Trans Himalaya; rivers in deep gorges and placid mountain lakes; thick forests and acres of scree, mountainside draped with snow and lush green Alpine meadows, Himachal Pradesh a 'personification of Paradise on earth.'

Carved out from a sizeable slice of the Western Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh has several spots which offer excellent adventure options. In fact, Himachal Pradesh is a playground of adventure where you can persue any of the adventure activities like mountaineering, rock-climbing, trekking, camping, skiing, gliding, ice-skating, roller skating, safaris and a number of water sports including river rafting, golfing, fishing etc.

Mountain Biking in Himachal Pradesh
If you wish to explore the unbeaten tracks and thrilling unexplored paths of Himachal Pradesh, mountain biking is a perfect option for you. Climbing a mountain on a bike is a pretty good adventure experience. Mountain Biking in Himachal Pradesh takes you through majestic mountains, beautiful valleys, shimmering rivers and lakes, miles of tranquil dirt tracks and lush-green terraced fields. In addition to an exciting ride across the landscaped countryside, mountain biking also provides you a good chance to meet the local people, observe their life style and culture.

Amongst several biking routes in Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur are ranked the best routes for mountain biking. Mountain Biking in Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur takes you through one of the world's highest highways. From Manali, drive to Rohtang pass (3,980 m), which provides the entrance towards the region of Lahaul to Leh and Ladakh. Drive out of Shimla and you will reach the picturesque Kinnaur region, drive further through the barren region of Spiti, which takes you to the Kunzum Pass, the entry point to Lahaul.

May to June and September to November are the best periods to undertake mountain biking in Himachal Pradesh. You have to be physically and mentally fit as the terrain is both rough and rugged. Good balance and speed control are very important as they will help you to climb steep pitches. Whenever there is a bike lane on the route, you must use it, give proper signals by your hand while turning, stopping or leaving a lane.
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Gliding in Himachal Pradesh
Himachal, the 'land of eternal snow' is not only known for its enchanting beauty, but it is also popular as world's one of the best places for the adventure sport of gliding. If you are an adventure-enthusiasts, Himachal Pradesh offers you plenty of opportunities for Gliding. In Himachal Pradesh, gliding is available in three options namely - hand gliding, hang gliding and para gliding.

March to April and mid- August to November is the ideal time for enjoying gliding in Himachal Pradesh. Popular gliding sites in Himachal Pradesh include Dharamkot, Solang in Kullu valley, Billing in Kangra Valley, Bandla Ridge in Bilaspur, Kothi-Parcham near Manali and Bijli Mahadev - Bhunter.

Camping in Himachal Pradesh
Camping in Himachal PradeshIn today's hi-tech world, when people get very little time to spend with their family or friends, camping comes as a good option. There are several places in India where you can go camping, Himachal Pradesh is one of them. Camping in Himachal Pradesh provides you a good chance to pass some peaceful as well as memorable days amidst the natural surrounding.

During your camping trip in Himachal Pradesh, you may enjoy a number of adventure options like whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, cycling, canoeing and kayaking. Besides, camping will also help you to fabricate a closer relationship with your family members and your friends. Some of the popular camps run by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department are located at Sarchu in Lahaul, Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur and at Kaza in Spiti.

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh
If you love speed and have control over your balance, skiing is an exciting adventure sports for you. Nestled amidst the snow-covered Himalayan ranges of Shivalik, Dhauladar and Pir Pinjal, the charming state of Himachal Pradesh offers excellent base for skiing. Bestowed with a number of wonderful slopes, Himachal Pradesh has developed as a major centre of skiing in India. Also, with the sincere efforts of Himachal Tourism Department, skiing has now acquired an important place in Himachal tourism.

While skiing, you cross through a number of unexplored valleys, lofty mountain peaks and snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Besides, a variety of flora and fauna and vast tracts of virgin snow, which makes skiing in Himachal Pradesh an unforgettable experience for you.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism facilitates skiing at various regions of the state. Popular spots for skiing are Kufri, Narkanda, Manali, Mahasu, Solang Nallah, Patalsu, Kothi, Marhi and Rohtang slopes.
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Trekking in Himachal Pradesh
Since ancient time, exploring mother nature on foot by walking has been a favourite activity. This has now transformed into trekking. Trekking, the most sought after adventure activity in Himachal Pradesh, draws adventure seekers from all parts of the world. Set amidst the Great Indian Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh offers a variety of trekking opportunities to trekking lovers.

Some very gentle, while others rugged and very tough to cross, trekking in Himachal Pradesh provides you a memorable experience. Himachal Pradesh has a number of good trekking routes, most popular trekking routes include Jagatsukh - Deo Tibba Base (14 Days), Manali-Chamba-Sach Pass (10 Days), Dharamshala-Nayargraon (12 Days), Malana-Kullu Trek (7 Days) and Manali - Chandra Valley (5-6 Days).

Water Sports in Himachal Pradesh
When it comes to water sports, Himachal Pradesh offers a number of good options. One of the most favoured water sport, river rafting in Himachal Pradesh attracts large number of people to the state. Popular rivers of Himachal Pradesh in which you can undertake rafting expedition are Beas near Kullu, the Sutlej near Shimla, the Ravi near Chamba and the Chandrabhaga in Lahaul. While rafting downhill, the speed and thrill of the Himachal rivers will surely amaze you.

Himachal Pradesh is an 'anglers' paradise', there are several places in the state where you can enjoy angling. Upstream of Rohru in the Pabbar valley, there are a number of spots ideal for fishing. Chirgaon has the trout hatchery, while the picturesque Kangla Valley has several good spots that offers mahaseer-river carp. Other good sites for angling are - Seema, Mandil, Sandasu, Tikri, Dhamvari, Baspa river, upper reaches of Beas river etc.

Apart from rafting and angling you can also enjoy a number of other famous watersports that include swimming, water-skiing, surfing, kayaking, rowing, canoeing and sailing.

Mountaineering and Rockclimbing in Himachal Pradesh
If you are healthy enough and dare to accept the challenges of winning the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks, then mountaineering and rockclimbing is a fascinating option for you. Rock Climbing is the basic stage of mountaineering and it may also be considered as an independent sport, the most basic level is climbing a rock face, using only your hands and feet and a safety rope.

Mountaineering in Himachal Pradesh is presently concentrated in the area around Manali. The Beas Kund region and foothills of the Hanuman Tibba (5930 m), the Shitidhar and the Manali peaks around the source of the Beas river and the Deo Tibba (6001 m) are the places where beginners with some experience may undertake the adventure sport of mountaineering and rock climbing. Other popular areas are the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges and Chandra Bhaga ranges.

Safari in Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh has a good network of motorable roads and tracks, which takes you to various parts of the state. Safaris are the best option to explore the cities, towns and far flung areas of Himachal Pradesh. By safaris, you can observe variety of charm Himachal Pradesh offers to its tourists.

Safari in Himachal Pradesh can be done on jeeps, car or on motorcycle. On a jeep, you can explore the natural as well as man-made wonders of the state. You can even drive along one of the world's highest highways. Drive out of Manali, cross the Rohtang pass (3980 m) and move through Lahaul to Leh and Ladakh. From the state capital Shimla, you pass through Kinnaur, Spiti, Kunzam Pass and finally enter Lahaul. For safaris, you have to buy a route map, plan your trip and then you are on your way.

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