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Ladakh Camel SafariLadakh Safari :- Call it 'Little Tibet', 'the Moonland' or 'the last Shangri La', Ladakh is equally beautiful by all its names. Ladakh is geographically situated in Tibet which is a high altitude plateau of the Great Himalayas but is an intrinsic part of India. Ladakh's picture-perfect landscapes beckon nature lovers as well as adventure seekers from India and all over the world.

A completely dry and arid land, Ladakh remains bitterly cold most of the year and one wonders why people would have chosen to settle here. But its political isolation and difficult geographic inaccessibility has done wonders for Ladakh. Even today, Ladakh preserves a culture that is unique and has strong connections from the past.

Ladakh is accessible only via road that is open between mid-June and early October. Within, safaris are the best option to visit various parts of Ladakh region. These safari options include camel, yak and jeep safari.

Camel Safari in Ladakh
If you think that the camel, the 'Ship of Desert' is confined only to the desert areas of Rajasthan and plains, you are wrong. For last several decades, camels have been bred for transports in the cold deserts of Ladakh. And now, camel safaris have emerged as the one of the favourite modes of transportation for tourists visiting Ladakh.

Ladakh camel safari takes you through some of the old passes of the region and also provides you a good chance to have a first hand experience of the lifestyle of the remote Ladakhi villages, valleys and especially the Panamic village. Besides, you get an opportunity to see and relish the scenic beauty all-round, coloufrul Buddhist monasteries (Gompas) and have a dip in popular hot springs of the region, which are believed to have medicinal properties.

While exploring rugged mountain terrains of Ladakh, you get used to the rolling and wobbly movements of the camel. In addition, the sudden change from lush green apricot orchards to the frozen desert and snow-clad peaks, offers you various surprises and gives you some lifetime experiences.

Camel Safari in Ladakh is available from the month of July to September, when the climate usually remains warm and you will find clean routes. Some of the famous centres for camel safari are Nubra Valley, Deskit and Hunder.

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Yak Safari in Ladakh
A unique safari hardly found anywhere else in India, yak safari is amongst the most popular safaris in Ladakh. One of the local inhabitants of this region, Ladakh yak is found in large number in the altitudes ranging from 3,500 metres - 6,000 metres. In addition, you can also see these mighty animals around lakes, marshes and lower valleys of Ladakh. You can undertake yak safari in these areas both in winters as well as summers.

As you ride the soft back of this massive animal and explore the various areas of Ladakh, you get a chance to observe some of the most amazing views of the beautiful lakes and glacial valleys. On the other hand, the lofty snow peaks, the splendid cascades, the murmuring streams, the lush meadows and thick forests of this rugged land will surely mesmerize you.

In Ladakh, yak safari is mostly available on prior booking, hence, always ensure the safari booking well in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Reach Ladakh and discover the many faces of this magical landscape and experience its unmatched charm on the back of yak. While you are undertaking yak safari, never challenge this magnificent animal as it may cause harm to you.

Jeep Safari in Ladakh
One of the famous adventure activity, jeep safari is preferred by the tourist visiting Ladakh, as they can cover most of the popular attractions of the region in one single day. In comparison to camel and yak, jeep is the quickest, easiest and most comfortable mode to visit the various parts of Ladakh.

Although the roads of Ladakh region are not so good for driving, but the jeep safari is an ideal way to explore the far-flung areas. Each day, jeep safari in Ladakh provides you a fantastic opportunity to visit the new and thrilling places and you can even interact with culturally diverse people. Jeep safari in Ladakh is centred around Tsmori-Ri, Nubra and Dah Hanu, that offer the toughest and most challenging jeep rides in the Himalayas.

Ladakh Bike Tour (Biking Ladakh)
To Bike the twisted roads in Ladakh, one needs to be technically perfect biker as the roads are bit rough kind , though paved. We will provide a support car to carry ones luggage comes handy and helps to enjoy the great Himalayan range without any worries. The best time for bike trip to Ladakh is from mid June to September end. One can ride through the 1500 km road from Manali to Leh to Manali. The route takes one on a Zig,Zag course through the snaky turns of the Himalayan Roads. Mountain biking Tours in Ladakh are most common among the youngsters in india as well as adventure enthusiats from all over the world.

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