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Fast Facts
District : Kollam
Old Name : Quilon
Distance : 63 kms, north of Trivandrum
Attractions : Quilon, Thirumullavaram Beach, Ashtamudi Lake, Anchal town
Best Time to Visit : August to April

Where is Kollam
Kollam BackwaterKollam city is a small and beautiful town situated on the Ashtamudi Lake, some 71 kms from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. The town lies in the lower quarters, that is towards the south of the state. Kollam India shares its eastern borders with the state of Tamil Nadu, the northern side is bounded by Pathanamthitta, southern by Trivandrum and towards the west lies the stretched out Lakshwadeep Sea. The place is connected with the rest of the state with continuous railway lines and roads. The town can be seen as sandwiched between Ashtamudi Lake and the Lakeshwadeep Sea.

Kollam Travel
Kollam is considered as one of the oldest ports on the Malabar Coast and has long been drawing the attraction of international countries. The town served as leading spice market in the medieval and modern India. The name of the place that is Kollam, is believed to have been derived from Sanskrit word 'Kollam' meaning pepper. The present town area is believed as having been built by a Syrian merchant, Sapir Iso, in the 9th century A.D.

The first foreign community to settle in Kollam were Chinese. Trade relations were established as early as 14th century. The first among the Europeans to land in this prosperous town were Portuguese, followed by Dutch and then British. Kollam in the bygone days was famous for its palaces and the place was sometimes called as the 'City of Palaces'. The region also as a reputation for cashew plantations.

What To See in Kollam
Ashtamudi Lake: The serene Ashtamudi Lake is a great place to hanker for in the Kollam district. The house boat trips here are great pleasures and so is the boat cruise. The boat cruise to Munroe Islands is a wonderful experience. The popular cruises one can avail at the place are Kayal Pradkashina Cruise and Sayanthanam Sunset Cruise.

Quilon: The Dutch Quilon as it was called used to be a British Enclave. The place is also popular as Thangasseri. The lighthouse built at Quilon by the British in the year 1902 is visible as far as 13 miles in the sea. The lighthouse stands to an amazing height of 144 feet. The picturesque view of the sea from the place where lighthouse stands is breathtaking. In the vicinity lies the Portuguese Fort. The fort was built in the year 1517 and at present only a wall of the fort has escaped the assaults made by the time.

Couple Thirumullavaram BeachThirumullavaram Beach: The beach is located about 6 kms from Kollam. The place features a number of legends. Located on the beach is Maha Vishnu Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple houses two images of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva facing the east and the west directions. The legend has it that the original temple lies beneath the sea, about a kilometre away.

Thevally Palace: Thevally palace is popular for the legendary love of a British resident with a lady from the palace. The place is currently occupied by the army and Public Works Department.

Jetayu Para: Jetayu Para is a huge rock the reference of which has been mentioned in the epic Ramayana. The rock is believed to be the spot where the large bird 'Jetayu' fell after failing to spot Ravana while he was taking Sita away.

Anchal: Anchal is a small town known for its cattle market. The cattle market is held twice in a month and is a large crowd puller. The Mudi festival, celebrated after every 12 years also witnesses a great rush of the people.

Chavara: Chavara is one important industrialized zones in the state of Kerala. There are large mineral deposits located in the Chavara region. The place supports four major industrial establishments which includes Indian Rare Earths, The Kerala Premo Pipe factory, Kerala Mineral and Metal factory and Titanium Complex.

Sasthamcotta: The small town of Sasthamcotta, located about 19 kms from Kollam, is a very beautiful place and an acknowledged picnic spot. The fresh water lake at Sasthamcotta is one of the largest in Kerala.

Mayyanad: Mayyanad lies to the south of the Kollam, the distance being some 10 kms from the city. The place features several important worshipping places in and around the city. The shrines and temples located here are prime attractions. Temples dedicated to Lord Subramoniya and Shri Shankaracharya are very famous. Apart from temples there are also some popular mosques and churches present in the town.Apart from all these attractions also know places to go Trivandrum and Kerala.

A range of rooms are available at various hotels and resorts at Kollam. Ashtamudi Resort offers luxury rooms, the best in Kollam. The said providers also provide house boat rooms. Some other deluxe resorts and hotels include Aqua serene and Palm Lagoon. Low budget accommodation providers at Kollam include Ram Kamal Residency, Yatri Niwas, Hotel Sudarsan.

Kollam has well established rail and road links with the neighboring cities and the rest of the Kerala. There is a major railway junction and an established bus stand that sees to the tourists coming from other cities of Kerala and beyond Kerala.
How far is Kollam from Trivandrum : The nearest airport is grounded at Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. The distance from airport to Kollam is about 71 kms.

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Features : The 15 days package covers most of the tourist destinations of Kerala. The tour begins from the famous place Quilon (Kollam). From Quilon the tour proceeds to the prized attractions incorporation the famous backwaters, spice towns, hill stations, wildlife and popular shrines. The destinations to be explored, excluding Quilon are Alleppey, Cochin, Munnar, Madurai, Periyar, Kumarakom and Kovalam.

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