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Fast Facts
Location : Madhya Pradesh
Attractions : Gwalior Fort, Archaeological Museum, Man Singh Palace, Sas-bahu Temples, Municipal Museum, Teli Ka Mandir, Jai Vilas Palace, Tomb of Muhammad Ghaus etc.
Best Time To Visit : October to March

Introducing GwaliorGwalior Fort
Gwalior is a city in the extreme north-west of Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, only 122 kms south of Agra. A historic city, Gwalior is known for its very old magnificent fort which houses a number of ruined palaces and interesting temples. In fact, the history of the Gwalior Fort goes back over a thousand years and it remained the centre of power for rulers of various dynasties. Apart from special mention in India's medieval history and freedom struggles, Gwalior city also enjoys an important position with regard to education.

Gwalior City consists of two parts namely the older and newer parts. Old Gwalior town is off to the north of the massive Gwalior Fort, which was built by Raja Man Singh Tomar of the Tomar dynasty. New Gwalior town is known as Lashkar and stands to the south-west of the Gwalior Fort. Morar is also a part of newer town which lies to the east of the fort. Due to its proximity to Agra - the city of Taj Mahal, Khajuraho - the city of ancient temples and Delhi - the national capital, Gwalior draws thousands of tourists every year.

Rich in cultural heritage and architectural marvels, Gwalior is a must visit place in central India. So, on your next trip to India don't forget to include the city of Gwalior in your itinerary. Come to Gwalior and see its old as well as new attraction on your own and return to your home with some lifelong memories.
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How to Reach Gwalior
By Air : Gwalior has its own airport which has flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Bhopal. From the airport auto-rickshaws, taxis and mini-buses are available for the city.

By Train : Gwalior railway station on the main Delhi-Mumbai rail line and is well-connected to Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and other cities of India. A number of express and super-fast trains run to Gwalior from various parts of the country. From Delhi the express or mail trains take about six hours to reach Gwalior. Trains are also available between Gwalior and Agra, and the journey takes only about two hours.

By Bus : National Highway and State Highways connect Gwalior with cities of Madhya Pradesh and neigbouring states. Regular bus services are available from Gwalior to Delhi, Agra, Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Khajuraho.

Local Transport : Taxis, auto-rickshaws and tempos are available as modes of local transport in Gwalior.

Places Where You Can Stay
Plenty of accommodation options are available in Gwalior. Most of Gwalior's hotels are located between the railway station and Lashkar, the main shopping area. Most famous hotels of Gwalior include Usha Kiran Palace Hotel, Hotel Ambika, Hotel Banjara, Hotel Bhagwati, Hotel Fort View, Hotel Regency, Hotel India, Hotel Man Mandir, MPTDC Tansen, Hotel Safari, Hotel Ashok, Hotel Gujri Mahal and Hotel Shelter.

Tourist Attractions in Gwalior
Gwalior Fort : Gwalior Fort is the chief attraction of the Gwalior city. You can approach the fort from the south-west or the north-east, either on foot or by a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. The fort hill rises in between 100 mts to 200 mts, while the fort walls which continue around almost the entire hilltop are 10 mts high and imposingly solid. From the fort walls you will get superb view of the crowded streets of the older part of the town and the surrounding plains. Gwalior fort houses a number of interesting things to see that include Archaeological Museum, Man Singh Palace, Karan Palace, Shah Jahan Palace, Sasbahu Temples, Teli Ka Mandir etc.

Archaeological Museum : Archaeological Museum lies within the Gujari Mahal Palace, at the beginning of the north-east ascent to the fort. The museum has a fine collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures and copies of the Bagh Caves frescoes. Archaeological Museum is open 10am to 5pm daily, close of Mondays.

Man Singh Palace : Man Singh Palace or Man Mandir is a delightfully whimsical structure and forms the entrance to the fort. It is also known as Chit Mandir or Painted Palace, because of the tiled and painted decorations. Man Singh Palace was built by Man Singh between 1486 and 1516 and repaired in 1881. Painted in blue, with hints of green and gold, but it still looks very beautiful today. Man Singh Palace has four storeys, two of them underground and all of them now deserted.

Sas-bahu Temples : Sas and Bahu temples i.e., mother-in-law and daughter-in-law's temples stand close to eastern wall about mid-way along the side of the fort. Both the Sas and Bahu temples are similar in style and date from the 9th to 11th centuries AD. There is no any idol of god inside the temples, only the larger temple has an ornately carved base and images pf Lord Vishnu over the entrance gate. You may view the Gwalior city from the temple courtyard.

Teli Ka Mandir : Teli Ka Mandir lies on the opposite side of the fort, beyond the Suraj Kund tank. This temple probably dates from the 9 th century AD is made of Dravidian and Aryan style and has a peculiar plan and design. The roof is Dravidian while the decorations, the sculptures of the whole temple is Indo-Aryan. A Garuda tops the 10mtr high doorway of the temple, which is also the highest structure in the fort.

Pratihar Vishnu Temple : Pratihar Vishnu Temple is the highest temple in the fort. At the entrance of the temple there is a Garuda.

Municipal Museum : Municipal Museum is located opposite to Moti Mahal. You will find the impressive collections of Mughal, Rajput and Maratha coins in this museum. The museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm, closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Teli Ka MandirJai Vilas Palace : Situated in the new town, Jai Vilas Palace was built in 1872-74 on the occasion of the arrival of Prince of Wales. Jai Vilas Palace was the palace of the Scindia family and the family still lives in a portion of the palace. A large part of the palace is used as a museum which has the collections of Maharaja Jiyaji Rao. The museum also displays articles made of Belgium cut glass, poison checking plate, furnitures of Italy and France, swing chair, glass made swing for little Sri Krishna, many stuffed animals, swords of Shahjahan and Aurrangzeb. Scindia Museum is open from 10am to 5pm, except Mondays.

Old Town : The Old Town of Gwalior lies on the north and north-east of the fort hill. To the north-east of the fort near Gwalior gate you will see the statue of great Maestro Tansen. Jami Masjid is another attraction of the old city. The mosque was made of sand stone was founded by Mohammed Khan in 1661 AD. On the eastern side of the town, see the tomb of Muhammad Ghaus, a saint who played a major role in Babur's acquisition of the fort. An very good example of early Mughal architecture, the tomb has hexagonal towers at its four corners and a dome which was once covered with glazed blue tiles. Close to this tomb lies the smaller tomb of Tansen, a classical singer much admired by Mughal Emperor Akbar.
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Sarod Ghar : Sarod Ghar is a museum of music which has been established in the old ancestral house of the legendary Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan. The museum houses ancient instruments of the Great Indian Masters and also has an impressive collection of photographs and documents.

Sun Temple : Sun Temple is located near the Residency at Morar. A new constructed temple, the Sum temple takes its inspiration from the popular Konark Sun Temple in Orissa.

Gurudwara Data Bandhi Chhod : Gurudwarad Data Bandhi Chhod is situated on the Gwalior Fort. It is built in the memory of Guru Hargobind Saheb, the 6th Sikh Guru who was imprisoned here by Emperor Jehangir for over two years.

Gopachal : Set on the mountain area at the slopes of Gwalior Fort, Gopachal houses the unique statues of Jain Tirthankars. Erected between 1398 and 1536 by Tomar Kings, these Jain Tirthankars Statues are excellent pieces of architecture and a treasure of rich Indian heritage and culture.

Tourist Attractions Around Gwalior
Shivpuri : Shivpuri is 117 km south-west of Gwalior and famous for the Madhab National Park. Actually the old summer resort of Scindia Kings, Shivpuri had been converted to national park in 1958. Madhab National Park is known for its beautiful forests and wild animals. Almost one km interior of the deep forest there is Sakhya Sagar Lake. The park is open throughout the year but you should avoid summer in April - June and July - September for rain.

Shopping in Gwalior
Any trip to Gwalior is incomplete without some shopping. Gwalior is known for traditional handicrafts, clothes and several other contemporary items. You may purchase suiting of Gwalior, Brocade, Chanderi Sarees, Gold and Silver ornaments, pottery articles, dolls made of cloths from the markets of Gwalior. Perfumes of Gwalior are also very popular and you may buy them as a souvenir of Gwalior trip. Visit the State Govt Emporium Mriganayani which offers a variety of items. For sarees and other clothings visit the famous outlets of Kothari, Ganpatlal, Krishnalal and M P Khadi Sangha at Sarafa Bazaar.

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