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Mountain Trekking Adventure Vacation

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Mountaineering About Mountaineering And Trekking In India
It is aid that mountaineering and trekking is only for the brave hearted. More than a strong heart, it requires the fittest body. Mountaineering and trekking test the physical endurance level of all. It may be great fun rejoicing at the top of a mountain with all that mountaineering gear and boots, but the hazards involved are also real. Other than the perennial fear of falling down, high altitude sickness may also prove costly sometimes. Avalanches and heavy snowfall in snow clad mountains also creates many problems.

Feel The Fun And Thrill
But irrespective of the hazards involved, few words can describe the joyful experience of attaining the summit of a snow-clad mountain peak. Infact, the risks can be minimized substantially with proper safety equipments and precautions. Because these activities also require the ultimate in team effort, proper management is essential for achieving the goals.

Mountaineering and trekking are popular adventure sports in every part of the world. Some of the high altitude destinations of India, particularly those located along the Himalayas have also gained tremendous popularity for mountaineering and trekking.

Safety Precautions
1. Physical fitness tests should be conducted prior to embarking for the journey.
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2. Complete prior knowledge of the route of the course is essential. As the route may throw many hurdles, previous knowledge of the route helps in making preparations accordingly.

3. All the equipments required should be checked properly to ensure that no equipment has been left out like the mountain boots and mountain outfitters. Inadequate or faulty equipments raises the chances of accident.

4. The medical kit should contain all the necessary medicines.

5. Prior information should be provided of the journey. This helps in launching timely rescue operations in case of any disaster.

List of Equipments
Mountaineering, Clothing Clothing
Wool and/or Synthetic Socks
Base Layer Top
Base Layer Bottoms
Mid-Insulation Layer Top
Mid-Insulation Layer Bottom
Light Wind Shell
Weather Layer Top
Weather Layer Pants
Warm Outer Jacket
Brimmed Cap
Face Warmer
Light Gloves
Insulated Gloves

Snow Safety Equipment
Avalanche Beacon
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Personal Equipment
Sun and Lip Cream
Head Lamp
Insulated Water Bottle or Thermos
Blister Kit
Pocket Knife

Climbing EquipmentsClimbing Equipment
Belay Device
Locking Carabiner
Ice Tool
Ice Axe
Warm Single or Double Boots

Group Equipment
Map and Compass
Route Book/Description
First Aid Kit
Emergency Sac Group Repair Kit
Two-way Radio or Cell Phone
Snow Anchors

Popular Mountaineering And Trekking Destinations
Jammu & Kashmir : The landscape of Kashmir makes it the most ideal mountaineering and trekking destination in India. Ladakh has some of the most challenging ranges. Kangri and the Pancha Kangri at altitudes over 6150 metres are ideal. The Nubra region adjoining Pakistan border is also popular. Though it has long approach marches, it is fascinating for its remote peaks and long glaciers. Climbing activity in very hectic in Zanskar region. Nun and Kun at altitudes of 7035 and 7077 metres are steep climbs. A perfect destination for adventure vacations for couple.
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Kishtwar, which is easily approachable from Jammu is also a favourite of mountaineers. Some of the popular peaks in Kishtwar are Arjuna, Barnaj, Sickle Moon and Brammah all of which are located at altitudes well over 6000 metres. These peaks are technically quite difficult but their slightly lower height compensates for the technical difficulties involved.

In the state of Jammu & Kashmir, major trekking expeditions are organized in Amarnath, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Ladakh.

Uttaranchal : The Nanda Devi peak at 7817 metres is the highest peak of Garhwal region and regarded as the ultimate challenge for mountaineering and trekking tours.

Next in importance and popularity to Nanda Devi are the meadows of Tapovan and Nandanvan near the source of river Ganga. Some of the peaks like Mount Shivalik are well over 20,000 feet high. In the far western parts of Garhwal region, Har Ki Doon is a popular base for launching expeditions. Joshimath near Badrinath is another favourite of mountaineers to the place.

In Gangotri valley, challenging mountains like Shivling, Meru, Kedarnath and Bhaghrati invite the best mountaineers to accept the challenge.

The Garhwal Himalayas are regarded as a paradise for trekkers. Some of the favourite trekking routes are Gangotri-Kalindikhal-Badrinath trek, Roopkund-Homekund trek, Dodital-Darba Pass-Yamnotri trek and Garhwal-Panwati Kantha trek.

Trekking Himachal Pradesh : There are scores of summits in Himachal, some tamed and some untamed, which attract mountaineers to the place. Peaks in Himachal vary between

5000 and 6000 meters. The higher and most popular peaks are concentrated in five districts- Kangra, Chamba, Kulu, Lahul -Spiti and Kinnaur. Most climbers look forward to the challenges thrown by Deo Tibba (6001 metres), Menthosa (6445 metres) and Dhamasura (6445 metres). Expeditions are also launched on Kangri and Mulkila ranges. For beginners and amateurs, the peaks around Manali are regarded as the best. There are many low peaks like Hanuman Tibba (5932 metres), Manali and Shitidhar peaks which are ideal for fine-tuning the skills. Most professionals head straight to Lahaul-Spiti region where most peaks rise above 6500 metres and offer great challenges and ideal for organizing adventure vacation packages.

Some of the popular trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh are Manali-Dhundi, Dhundi-Bakkar and Ladyleg-Dhundi.

Sikkim : Kanchenjunga, India's highest peak at 28,146 feet, lies on the Sikkim-Nepal border from where many expeditions have been launched in the past and many shall be attempted in the future. Rathong at a height of 22,000 feet has some of the open peaks. Some other popular peaks in Sikkim for mountaineering are Talung, Jonsong and Tent, all of which are above 24,000 feet.

Some popular trekking routes in the tiny Himalayan state are Siliguri-Gangtok, Yuksum-Tshoka, Dzongri-Thangsing and the treks to Tendong & Menam hill.

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