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Jagannath Temple Orissaspritual

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Jagannath Puri Fast Facts
Location : Puri, Orissa. 65 km away from Bhubaneswar.
Built By : King Ananta Varman Chodaganga Dev
Built In : 12th century A.D
Dedicated To : Lord Jagannath

About Jagannath Temple Orissa
Jagannath Temple Located in the holy city of Puri, Jagannath is one of the most popular pilgrim site of the country. Lord Jagannath ( a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu ) literally means the 'Lord of Universe' and is the presiding deity of the temple. Along with him one also see the idols of his brother Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra.

Like other temple complex where the people of other religion are allowed inside the temple, not other pilgrims then Hindu are allowed in this temple complex. Also the Jagannath temple is surrounded by 30 different small temples all around. Of these temple, the Narasimha temple is believed to have been constructed even before the Jagannath temple.

History of Jagannatha Puri - The Mythical Legend
According to ancient Indian puran,the Skanda-Purana, Brahma Purana, Lord Jagannath was originally worshiped as Neela Madhav by a tribal king - Viswavasu. After hearing about Neela Madhav, King Indradyumna sent a Brahmin priest, Vidyapati to find out the deity. Vidyapati tried his best to locate the place and find the deity but he failed. At last, Vidyapati married Viswavasu's daughter, Lalita. After repeated request Vidyapati's father-in-law Viswavasu took him blindfolded to the cave where Neela Madhav was worshiped. Vidyapati was very intelligent, he dropped mustard seeds on the way that helped him to find out the cave next time. Soon after he found the cave he called for his King who later built the temple and established the idols here.
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Adore The Jagannath Puri Temple Architecture
Jagannath Temple is one of the finest examples of Orissan architecture and it will surely amaze you with its superb designing elements.
1. The temple complex is almost square in shape, comprises an area of 10.7 acres, enclosed by two rectangular walls.
2. The outer enclosure is called Meghanada Prachira whereas the inner enclosure is called Kurmabedha.
3. Jagannath Temple has four entrances namely - the Eastern Singhadwara (Lion Gate), the Western Vyaghradwa (Tiger Gate), the Southern Ashwadwara (Horse Gate) and the Northern Hastidwara (Elephant Gate).
4. You will also see an 11 m high pillar in front of the main gate called the Aruna Stambha.
5. On the top of the temple there is a wheel made of an alloy of eight different metals known as Asta-Dhatu.

Daily Puja Rituals of the Temple
Jagganath Temple - Orissa Every day several rituals are performed at the Jagannath Temple that include
1. Dwarpitha and Mangal Aarati (5 a.m), Mailam (6 a.m), Abakash (6 a.m to 6.30 a.m), Mailam (6.45 a.m), Sahanamela (7 a.m to 8 a.m), Beshalagi (8 a.m)
2. Rosha Homa Surya Puja and Dwarapal (8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m), Gopala Ballava Puja (9 a.m), Sakala Dhupa (Morning food offering -10 a.m)
3. Mailam and Bhoga Mandap, Madhyanha (Afternoon food offering -11 a.m. to 1 p.m), Madhyanha Pahudha (1 p.m. to 1.30 p.m)
4. Sandhya Aarati, Sandhya Dhupa (7 p.m. to 8 p.m), Mailam and Chandana lagi.

Jagannatha Temple Festival
Puri Rath Yatra
1. The most popular religious event of the country attended by millions of pilgrims every year.
2. Travelers from foreign country also come to see this yatra.
3. Th event represents the journey of Lord Krishna from Gokul and Mathura and is celebrated in the month of June and July.
4. During the festival, the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra are brought out from the Jagannath temple and dragged in massive (raths).
5. After nine days, the idols are loaded back onto the raths and return back to Jagannath Temple.

Other Attractions To See Near Temple Complex
Gundicha Mandir (Temple) :
1. Gundhicha Mandir stands at the end of Grand Road about 3 km northeast of the Jagannath Temple.
2. During the Rath-Yatra festival, Lord Jagannath goes to the Gundicha Mandir and stays for one week.
3. It is believed that Gundicha was the wife of King Indradyumna, who originally established the Jagannath Temple.
4. Also the non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple, they can walk within the walls and see the beautiful garden.

Puri Beach :
Puri Beach Visit one of the mos popular beach of India in Puri. Known for its long sandy shores this beach is quite famous among the tourists. You can hire lifeguard on the beach and go for a swim in the sea.

How to Reach Jagannatha Puri
By Air : Nearest airport is Biju Patnaik Airport in state capital Bhubaneswar at a distance 65 km. From the airport, you can reach Puri by hiring a car which takes one hour.

By Rail : Puri is one of the major railway station on the South-Eastern Railway. It is directly connected by several trains to Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Patna and several other important stations.

By Bus : Puri is linked by State Highway No 8 with Bhubaneswar. National Highway No 5 connects Bhubaneswar with rest of the country. State transports buses and private buses are available to Puri from various parts of the state.

Local Transport : Auto, taxi and cycle rickshaw are local mode of transport available in Puri.
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