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Taragarh Fort, Bundi Covered in this Article : Fast facts, Bundi - Introduction, Tourist Places, Transportation, Accomodation, Tour Packages.

Fast Facts
City : Bundi
Location : Rajasthan South East
Distance : Jaipur 206 kms, South
Attractions : Taragarh Fort, the Palace, Baoris, Sukh Mahal
Best Time To Visit : October - March

Introducing Bundi
Bundi is a small town located in the South East of Rajasthan. It stands on the foothills of a hill and is surrounded by the primordial Aravalli Hills. The region was inhabited by a tribe called Meena and the place got its named after the chieftain Bunda Meena. The region encompassing Bundi and around was called Hadoti and used to be a seat of Chauhans. The region over centuries got split, giving rise to two more other towns Kota and Jhalawar. The place with its unique Baoris (stepwells or water reservoirs), forts, palaces and a charming lake has caught tourist attention since long.
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Tourist Attractions of Bundi
There are pretty many places that are crowd pullers in Bundi. Some of the best tourist places located in Bundi are provided below :

Taragarh Fort : The fort perched on a small hill is a massive one and offers a spectacular view of the city. Taragarh Fort, built somewhere near 1354 A.D still holds its magnificence. At the fotthills are located water reservoir and a lake. The fort holds the largest battlements called Bhim Burj, where on stands a very famous cannon. One can see the distant hills from here and more exciting are the sun set views.

Bundi Palace : Bundi Palace is situated on the foot of one side of the fort. The palace, built around 15th and 16th century, is famous for its architecture and beautiful mural painted on the interior walls. The entrance are marked by elephant sculptures that stand as guards at the gates. There rae courtyards and Hall of Public Audience. The palace looks beautiful at night.

Baoris and tanks : Bundi is famous for its baoris or stepwells. These stepwells were the primary means of storing and distributing the water in the region. There are about 50 baoris provided at Bundi. However, the modern systems have rendered them useless and most of them are now dry. The prominent among these baoris include Raniji Ki Baori, Nawal Sagar and Nagar Sagar Kund. Raniji Ki Baori was built towards the end of the 17th century. The stepwell is 46 metres deep. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Varuna, submerged in the water and reached by a boat. Nawal Sagar, a frequently visited place, is a large square artificial lake that is broken into many small islets.

Sukh Mahal : Sukh Mahal is a beautiful palace located on the banks of a lake, Sukh Sagar. The palace, nowadays exists as an Irrigation Rest House. There is a cenotaph on top of a two storey structure in the centre.

How To Reach
By Air : Air travel is a little hectic and not convenient way of accessing the place. The nearest airport, at Jaipur, is about 209 kms away.

By Train : There is a railway station that regularly provides services to the cities of Agra, Chittaurgarh and Kota. From Kota one can avail the opportunity as it is further connected to many cities and beyond Rajasthan.

By Bus : Long distance buses for the city are available from Ajmer, Kota, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaipur. You can travel from any of the destinations.

Places Where You Can Stay
Bundi sees a lot of budget and cheap hotels providing the accommodation facilities. There is a real dearth of five star hotels at Bundi. Some of the places worth checking at Bundi include : Royal Retreat, Bundi Tourist Palace, Haveli Braj Bhushanjee, Diamond Hotel, Ishwari Niwas.
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