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Amber Fort JaipurHistory & Culture

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Amber Fort - Fast Facts
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District : Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan
Distance : 11 km from Jaipur city
Best Time To Visit : October to March

Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan Built entirely of the white marble and sandstone, Amber fort was established as a military post by the Rajput rulers. The amazingly done interiors and its brilliant architectural style are really worth watching. Along with the enormous gateways, palace halls, pavilions and stairways housed within the fort complex are also a must watch during your trip to Jaipur city.

Amber Fort History - Walk Past The Glorious Past
Standing tall just like a guard of the Jaipur city, Amber fort has many secrets kept in its historical past. Lets try to explore it. The construction of the fort was started by Man Singh I, as early as 1592 A.D who wanted to establish Jaipur as his capital city. Built initially to make their position strong, this amazing fort was abandoned soon after Jai Singh I came to rule.

The Architectural Wonder Named Amber
Not only Jaipur but the entire state of Rajasthan is dotted with many beautiful architectural wonders built under the Rajput rulers. One can witness this the moment you enter these forts and palaces ( http://www.vacationsindia.com/rajasthan/forts/ ). While talking of Amber fort in Jaipur its beautiful appearance leave the visitors awestruck.

The main gate is called the Suraj Pol and takes you to the main courtyard of the fort. There is a small stairway that lead to a temple called Shila Devi Temple. The temple with silver doors and great silver lions is a real attraction.

Enjoy An Elephant Safari in Amber Fort
1. As most of the forts of the state Amber is also located at a very high hill.
2. Which make this fort hard to access via foot. But to help out the travelers, elephant ride are easily available from the entrance gate to up the hill.
3. Apart from providing you a royal feeling, elephant safari will make your trip to this imposing fort even more spectacular and memorable.
4. In fact, the best way to travel across Amber Fort is a ride on the elephant's back.

Transportation Facilities for Amber Fort
1. One can easily access the fort by reaching Jaipur in a train, flight or a long distance bus.
2. Services are provided from many cities like Agra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, etc.
3. From Jaipur there are buses plying to the region.
4. Another better option would be hiring a taxi.

Where To Stay On Your Trip
The best of the accommodation is provided in the city of Jaipur, not far away from Amber. Some noted hotels include
1. Jai Mahal Palace
2. Jaipur Palace
3. Hotel Mansingh
4. Raj Vilas
5. Rambagh Palace
6. Rajputana Palace.
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Amber Fort Tour Packages

Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Features : You will be visiting Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort and the Jaisalmer Fort. It is an 18 days tour which starts from Delhi city and takes you to the historic forts located in the cities of Agra and Delhi. The tour takes into account travel, accommodation and catering. Full assistance provided during the entire tour.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Features : The package provide guided city tours encompassing the historic sites located there. Junagarh and Jaisalmer Fort are some of the destinations you will find yourself at. There will be a two days stay at Jaisalmer giving you enough time to explore the surroundings. You will also get to spend some time at Mehrangarh Fort, Jaisalmer.

Rajasthan Desert, Rajasthan
Features : This 11 days package is a head on start, from the city of Jaipur to various historical places in the state. The tour will take you across such places and monuments like Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Junagarh Fort, etc. Besides that the tour also provides for camel and village safaris.

Lake Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Features : Romantic Maharaja Tour Package is a 20 days non stop adventure at the famous cities of North India. You will get to visit a number of popular tourist place including the famous forts of Rajasthan. From your arrival till departure all travel assistance will be provided. The package provides you excellent means of transport, accommodation and catering.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Features : The package offers guided city tours of several cities of Rajasthan like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Chittaurgarh and Bharatpur. The package includes travel cost, accommodation, catering and other assistance. The places covered includes the popular tourist places encompassing forts, palaces and lakes.

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