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A Haveli at ShekhawatiCovered in this Article : Fast Facts, Shekhawati -Introduction, Tourist Places, Transportation, Accommodation, Tour Packages.

Fast Facts
City : Shekhawati (Churu, Jhunjhunu and Sikar district)
Location : Rajasthan North East
Distance : Jaipur 185 kms, North
Attractions : Havelis, Open Art Galleries, Dundlod, Sikar
Best Time To Visit : September - March

Introducing Shekhawati
Shekhawati lies to the north of the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur and includes the administrative districts of Churu, Jhunjhunu and Sikar. Shekhawati came into limelight with the coming of the Marwari businessmen in the 18th century. There was a continous conflict between the Rajputs who already occupied the lands and the this class, who rather were strictly reserved to their trade. The Marwaris built many splendid havelis (palaces) that still left many spell bound. This business class was once the driving force of Indian economy. Other than that, the Shekhawats, residents of Shekhawati, are known for their chivalry and courage. A large number of this community, even today, serves in the Indian Army.
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Tourist Attractions of Shekhawati
Shekhawati is a very interesting place and features some unique attractions. The region also encompasses several important districts and administrative units. Some of the known tourist attractions located in Shekhawati are :

Havelis : The key attractions at Shekhawati are the frescoed Havelis and mansions built by the early Marwaris. The buildings painted in rich colors belong to the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. Unlike havelis and palaces built by other rulers, like Mughals, these havelis consist of several courtyards. There is an inner courtyard and an outer one; in larger ones there are more than two. The painted walls or frescoes depict scenes from popular epics and history. The mural work and mirror work has been extensively employed in these beautiful monuments. One can have a good idea of the prosperity as was enjoyed by the business class.

Open Art Gallery : The Open Art Gallery features some of the popular attractions Havelis. The painted havelis in an open air gallery gives the best attractions at one place.

Dundlod : Dundlod features a medieval fort that has been transformed into a star hotel. The fort brings with it the glory of the past and memories associated with the Shekhawats. The fort built in a typical Rajputana style comprises of spacious rooms, minarets, paintings, flower motifs. There is one compound called Diwan Khana that is built in a Mughal architectural style. With the genuine European class furniture, the hotel is one great palace to check out.

Sikar : Sikar is a popular district in the north east of Rajasthan. The district used to be one of the wealtiest feudal places of Jaipur. The district has a lot many local attractions and the prized ones include a 17th century fort, market places, temples and painted havelis. The Harshnath Temple and Gopinath Temple are great catches for a tourist. Some other beautifully adorned temples include Govindji Temple and Madan Mohan Temple. Biyani family was the most prominent in this town and many of their mansions stand as marvelous buildings. The famous Biyani Haveli, painted in royal blue, is worth watching in the town. The market places are no different and feature colorful alleys and vibrant shops.

A Haveli at NawalgarhNawal Garh : Nawal Garh is a small town and presents some of the finest frescoes in Shekhawati region. There is an old fort that provides glimpses of the past and colorful bazars, that are popular through out the region.

Jhunjhunu : A small town famous for some notable havelis including Nar Singh Das Tibrewal, Ishwar Das, Mohan Das Modi and the Khaitan Haveli. Some other local attractions include Laxminath Temple, Qamrudin Shah Ki Dargah, Badalgarh, Ajeet Sagar and more.

Churu : Important attractions at this small town include some popular havelis, Balaji Temple, Churu Fort, popular cenotaphs and a Jain temple.

Transportation Services for Shekhawati
Shekhawati lies close to the capital city Jaipur. Transportation as such is not a problem. One can reach Jaipur in a flight, train or a bus and from there head towards Shekhawati. There is road and rail services available for the districts of Sikar, Nawalgarh and Jhunjhunu. However, airport is located in the capital city.

Places Where You Can Stay
Shekhawati encompasses a large area and as such there are a number of places where one can put up. A good number of hotels provide their services in the region. One can find a variety of these hotels from low budget to luxurious ones. Some of the known service providers include Hotel Castle Mandwa (Mandwa), The Desert Resort, Mukandgarh Fort (Mukandgarh), The Piramal Haveli, Roop Niwas Palace (Nawalgarh), Hotel Apani Dhani (Nawalgarh), Dunlod Castle (Dunlod). All these make up star category, the budgeted ones include Hotel Chirmi at Churu, Tourist Bungalow at Jhunjunu.

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Best Discounted Packages
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Shekhawati Tour Packages

Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan
Features : The packages gives you a return trip from Delhi of the cities and attractions of Agra and Rajasthan. Just before making a retreat you will be enjoying an exciting trip to the Shekhawati havelis. The first three days will be devoted to sight-seeing at Delhi and Agra. Other Rajasthan cities covered in the package includes Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Khimsar and Bikaner.

Horse Safari in Rajasthan
Features : Royal Horse Safari is an ideal package for people who like horse rides. The tour arranges for you the best breed of horses and some fascinating destinations for your ride. Catch yourself riding along the trails in the famous Shekhawati city. Besides horse rides you may also catch glimpses of colorful havelis.

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