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Trekking In Sikkim Adventure Vacation

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DzongriA land of mystic splendour, endowed with some of the best treks of India, Sikkim draws large number of trek enthusiasts as well as nature lovers every year. Ranging from very easy to moderate treks, the trails in Sikkim take you through various unexplored regions where you can observe nature at its best. Trekking in Sikkim provides you an excellent chance to wander up lush green mountain trails, beautiful valleys, clean lakes and visiting the monasteries, stupas and temples en-route.

While trekking along the beautiful trails, you come across a number of wild animals like yaks, snow leopard, blue sheep, goral, tahr and red panda kept in the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Moreover, the trails overlooked by Mt. Kangchendzonga, the world's third highest peak, make your trekking expedition a memorable experience.

Popular Treks

Treks in West Sikkim

Dzongri and Goecha La Trek (Duration - 8 to 10 Days)
Route Covers : Yuksom - Tsokha - Dzongri - Thansing - Samiti - Goecha La - Kokchorung - Dzongri - Chaurikhang - Tsokha - Yuksom.

Day 1 : Yuksom - Tsokha : Start your trail from Yuksom (1,785 mts) market and follow the only road going northwards. The path climbs gently out of the valley, hugs the right bank of the Ratong Chu river and crosses four bridges about 50 mnts far from each other. From the fourth bridge, the route climbs steeply to the north-west for an hour to the Forest rest House at Bakhim. You can stay here and get a fine view from the bungalow down the valley towards Yuksom. Resume your walk further on the trail, pass the Bakhim bungalow and climb in a north-westerly direction for about an hour to reach Tsokha, which is 3 kms away.
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Day 2 : Tsokha - Dzongri : It's a moderate-difficult level trek and takes around 5 to 6 hours. The trail cuts through the Tsokha village, continue your climb steeply northwards to the alp of Phidang (3,650 mts) which takes around 2.5 to 3 hrs. Stop at Phidang for a lunch and head on to Dzongri. You can also take a trail to Mon Lepcha, a pass which is higher than the Dzongri Trekker's Hut (4,030 mts).

Day 3 : Full Day at Leisure in Dzongri : You are advised to have a rest day at Dzongri, both for acclimatisation as well as enjoying the superb views of the mountains.

Day 4 : Dzongri - Thansing : Leave the Dzongri bungalow and take the right trail that crosses the building and then climbs east up along the right bank of the river. After passing the hill, the path drops into the valley and crosses a bridge over the Prek Chu river. After an hour's climb due north from the bridge, you will reach Thansing (3,800 mts) which is located below the slopes of Mt. Pandim.

Thansing Day 5 : Thansing - Samiti : Take the trail from Thansing that climbs gently north, up the valley and passes a stream and alpine meadows. After an hour above Thansing you will reach Onglathang, which provides you fantastic view of Kangchendzonga. The trail passes through a series of glacial moraines before crossing meadows again and arrives at the green lake at Samiti.

Day 6 : Samiti - Goecha La Pass - Kokchorung : Samiti - Goecha La trek begins with a gentle gradient eastwards for about 30 mnts and then the real climbing starts. Follow the glacial moraine north-east and then descend to a dry lake at Zemathang. A rocky trail rising to a height of 400 mts will take you to top of the pass. The trail from Samiti to Goech La (5,002 mts) takes around 3.5 hrs to 4 hrs. Follow your tracks back to Thansing, which will take around 2-3 hrs and then head for one hour trail towards Dzongri until you reach Kokchorung. Set up your camp at Kochorung and stay overnight.

Day 7 : Kokchorung - Dzongri/ Tsokha : From Kokchorung head south-east on the well-marked trail for 4 to 5 hrs to reach Dzongri / Tsokha. You are advised to ask the security guard at Kokchorung or Thansing about the best route back as the trail conditions change during different seasons.

Day 8 : Tsokha - Yucksom : On the final day of your trek return back to Yuksom. The path downhill is easier and it will take around 4 to 5 hrs to reach Yuksom.

Hilley to Barsai Trek (Duration - 1 to 2 Days)
Route Covers : Hilley - Barsai - Hilley.

An easy level climb, Hilley to Barsai Trek covers a distance of 4 kms and you can complete this trek within 2 hrs. Take the bridle path from Hilley to Barsai that heads due north along the Singalila Ridge. En-route enjoy the excellent view of the great Kangchendzonga. You can return back to Hilley same day, but if you want to experience more then stay overnight at Barsai for getting the magnificent views and enjoying the rhododendron forests all around.
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Barsai to Dentam Trek ( Duration - 2 to 3 hrs)
Next day you may take an exciting trip to Dentam which is 10 kms away. Start your walk from Barsai, take the easy trail due north-east to Dentam. Visit the Alpine Cheese Factory, stay overnight at the Trekker's Hut or at Alpine Guest House. Proceed further to visit Pemayangtse monastery or Rabangla (69 kms) or return to Sombaria or Namchi.

Treks in South Sikkim

Rabangla to Mainom Top Trek (Duration - 1 Day, 6 hrs).
Route Covers : Rabangla - Mainom Top - Rabangla.

Trekking in SikkimIf you want to walk amidst old forests and view plenty of bird species without wasting much time or energy, then Rabangla to Mainom Top Trek is certainly a good option for you. Situated on the ridge between Mainom (3,230 mts) and Tendong (2,590 mts), Rabangla has a scrub forest, which houses a variety of Himalayan birds like the verditer flycatcher, blue-fronted redstart, dark-throated thrush, blue-whistling thrush, white-browed fantail etc.

Start your walk from the main Rabangla Bazaar, cross all the road-side shops and follow the jeepable road for about 20 mnts, which eventually leads to the Ralang Monastery. Next, the road starts to soar high, after 20 mnts you will see a sign marking the entrance to the Mainom Wildlife Sanctuary. From here, the trail leaves the jeepable road and begins to raise steeply through the oak, rhododendron, chestnut forests. Move further through the forests, en route is a small hermitage containing the statue of Guru Padmasambhava. After 4 hrs steep climb along a well-trodden path, you will reach atop the Maniom Top (3,200 mts) which provides you breathtaking view of the town below. Follow the same path to return back, it will not take more than 2 hrs to reach Rabangla.

Damthang to Tendong Trek (Duration - 1 Day, 3 hrs).
Route Covers : Damthang - Tendong Hill - Damthang.

Take the main road from Damthang, heading north-east and then take the trail through the dense forests of the Tendong Sanctuary. Follow the same route till you reach at the top of Tendong Hill. From the top of the hill, you get the view that you will always remember in your lifetime. See the beautiful Chola Peaks in the east, the imposing Kangchendzonga in the west and the splendid Singalila Range. Enjoy the spectacular views and return back to Damthang. The way down takes around an hour and a half.

Essential Gears Required
Essential gears which you should carry during trekking expedition include a travel bag, sleeping bag, suitable clothes, sufficient food, water bottles, tents, a pair of hard-sole shoes, first aid medicines, light and route maps. You can hire essential equipments at reasonable prices from Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation or from a recognized travel agents/ tour operators.

Sikkim Climate
Sikkim's climate changes with varying altitudes, it remains cool and humid most of the year due to frequent rainfall. The months of March to May and October to December are ideal for trekking in Sikkim.

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