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Trekking In Nilgiris Tamilnadu Adventure Vacation

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Trekking in NilgirisPopularly known as the 'Blue Mountains', the Nilgiris constitutes India's oldest mountain ranges. Situated at the junction of the Western and Eastern Ghats, at variable altitudes ranging from 2,500 mts to 2,600 mts above sea level, the Nilgiri hills provide suitable conditions for trekking all year round.

The Nilgiris is home to three popular hill stations namely - Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor, providing ideal bases for exciting treks into the mountains. Besides, the dense shola forests, lush tea estates, coffee plantations, orange groves, rolling meadows, shimmering waterfalls and crystal clear lakes, add more to the beauty of the trek routes.

Whether you are a novice trekker or an experienced one it doesn't matter, you just need to reach the Niligiri Hills where a number of trek routes are waiting for you.

Popular Treks Around Ooty

Ooty - Mukurthi Lake Trek : (Duration - 3 to 4 Days).
Day One : Ooty - Porthimund (Time 6 - 8 Hours), Level - Moderate : As the state highway bisects the town of Ooty, start your trekking expedition, head towards the highway and then follow it westwards. After covering a distance of 3 kms you will see a sign on the left saying Parson's Peak. Turn onto the dirt track winding upwards, after 8 kms you will be atop the mighty Parson's Peak overlooking the grassy hills of Parson's Valley.

From the Parson's Peak, you will be able to view the small hamlet of Porthimund dotted with beautiful red-tiled houses. For reaching Porthimund, you have to walk down into the valley, the journey will take about 3 to 4 hours. At Porthimund, you may take tea/ coffee and you can also stay here overnight, but you have to carry your own provisions for camping.
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Day Two : Porthimund - Mukurthi Lake (Time 2 Hours), Level - Easy : On day two continue your trekking from Porthimund. Head 5 kms west towards the Mukurthi Lake and dam. Porthimund - Mukurthi Lake trek takes you through tiny hamlets, lovely coffee estates and eucalyptus plantations providing you a wonderful walking experience.

Mukurthi Lake is situated close to Mukirthi National Park, but you will not get permissions from wildlife authorities to entry inside the park. But don't worry, because boating and fishing in the Mukurthi Lake are the excellent options which provide you lots of fun and enjoyment. You may camp overnight on the premises of the Electric Department Bungalow, but you need to take permission from the Superintendent Engineer.

Day Three : Mukurthi Lake - Porthimund (Time 2 Hours), Level - Easy : From Mukurthi Lake, follow the same route to reach Porthimund. Take a taxi or bus to return back to the town of Ooty. If you want to experience more, drive north-west to Pykara Falls and the Pykara Lake. Have your lunch at any of the lakeside restaurant and then take a taxi or bus to back.

You may also drive 20 kms north to visit the popular Madumalai National Park. Within this park you can see wild animals like Nilgiri Tahr, Tiger, Elephant, Bison, Wild Boar etc. Elephant Safaris also on offer every hour from the elephant camp at Theppakadu, enjoy a memorable safari across the park. Stay overnight at the wildlife lodges like Theppakadu Sylvan Lodge and Theppakadu Log Hut.
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Ooty - Red Hills Trek : (Duration - 4 to 5 Days)
Day One : Ooty - Emerald (Time 4 Hours), Level - Easy : Take the narrow Muthorai road, south-west from Ooty, walk over the lush meadows and hillocks parallel to the road towards Red Hills. After a distance of 8 kms you will cross the Muthorai and Pallada villages and later the Ithalar village. Further, you have to walk across wide meadows, keep the south direction till you reach Emerald. Commonly called as 'Lake District', the town of Emerald has eight picturesque lakes. Tent anywhere along the banks of the lake, stay overnight.

Day Two : Emerald - Avalanche (Time 4 Hours), Level - Easy : From Emerald, head 12 kms south to reach Avalanche Dam and the Avalanche Village. Avalanche is home to the Toda Tribe of Tamil Nadu and is surrounded by oak, pine, cypress and rhododendron forests. Choose a suitable spot and camp overnight.

Day Three to Five : Return back to Ooty via Parson's Valley or head towards Red Hills. Stay overnight at the Red Hills Nature Resort located on the Red Hills Road. Next day, take 14 kms walk to reach Parson's Valley. On the fifth day walk back to Ooty.

Popular Treks Around Kotagiri
Kotagiri - Kodanad (Time 6 - 8 Hours), Level - Moderate : Situated at an altitude of 1,982 m above sea level, Kotagiri is at the heart of the tea-growing area in Ooty. Head north-east from Kotagiri on the wide stretches of meadow parallel to the road to reach Kodanad, located at a distance of 20 kms.

Kotagiri-Kodanad route provides you spectacular views of the lush tea estates and the beautiful Moyar river. You may stay here overnight at the Kodanad Forest Rest House or return back to Kotagiri or Ooty same day.

Kotagiri - St. Catherine Falls (Time 2 - 3 Hours), Level - Easy : Take 8 kms walk from Kotagiri to reach St. Catherine Falls. Locally called as Geddhehaada Halla, this 250 ft. double-cascaded waterfall is the second highest waterfall in the district. From St. Catherine Falls, either return to Kotagiri or Ooty.

Kotagiri - Longwood Shola (Time 1 Hour) : Just 3 kms away from Kotagiri is the Longwood Shola Forest which will definitely please you with its lush, wild tract. Take prior permission from the DFO to take the road to Milidhane which will take you to the Shola Forest.

Popular Trek Around Coonoor
Coonoor - Law's Falls - The Droog Trek (Time 5 -7 Hours), Level - Easy : Just like Ooty, the state highway cuts through the middle of the Coonoor. Take the state highway and walk south-west to reach Lamb's Rock, 9 kms away, overlooking the magnificent Coimbatore plains. Pass the Lamb's Rock, next Lady Canning's Seat is another attraction enroute.

Walk further, after a distance of 3 kms you will see the Dolphin's Nose. Relax for sometime and then resume your walk. Five kms before Coonoor, you will spot a detour to Mettupalayam Road, due south-east. After a walk of 20 minutes from Mettupalayam Road, you will reach Laws's Fall which lies at the junction of the Coonoor and Katteri streams.

From Law's Falls, head east to the 16th century ruined Droog Fort, once used by Tipu Sultan. Droog is home to a number of springs having the medicinal properties, popular amongst them in Maan Sunai. Trek down 2 km and take a bus to reach Coonoor, as there are no accommodation options for night stay.

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