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Sunderban Tiger Reserve Nature & WildlifeSafari

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Fast Facts About Sunderban Trip
Location : Piyali, West Bengal, 50 kms from Gosaba and 113 kms from Kolkata
Area : 1310.10 sq. km
Major Attractions : Bengal Tiger, Ridley Sea Turtle
Best Time to Visit : October to February
Timings : 7 am to 5 pm.

About Subderban National Park
Bengal Tiger Home to the World's most fierce wild cat, Sunderban tiger reserve is a true heaven for the wildlife lovers. Just imagine watching the king of jungle 'the Royal Bengal tiger' right in front of your jeep, it is one experience that you will never forget. Also the Sunderban jungle are the world's biggest mangrove forests and delta and is formed by the merging of three famous rivers - the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna river.

Sunderban Forest - A Treat For Wild Lovers
Spreading over a vast area of thickly forested islands and saline water channels, Sunderbans is home to some of India's most interesting wildlife. Of course, the Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction in Sunderbans, but you can also watch several other animal species like Spotted Deer, Wild Pigs, Rhesus Monkeys, Herons, Kingfishers, White Bellied Eagles etc. Moreover, due to its great bio-diversity, Sunderbans was awarded the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

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Flora of Sunderbans
A fascinating variety of floral species and vegetation awaits your arrival in the Sunderban Tiger Camp. Sunderbans, the largest estuarine delta in the world, provides natural habitat to a variety of plant species, tall grasses and thick mangrove forests. Among the various floral species, the flaming red leaves of the Genwa, the crab like red flowers of the Kankara and yellow blooms of Khalis contribute most to the dazzling beauty of Sunderbans.

Fauna of Sunderbans
River at Sunderban Tiger Reserve Enter the world of Royal Bengal tiger and be thrilled with its gracious charm that attracts travelers from all over. The Sunderbans mangrove forest provide shelter to over 400 Bengal Tigers that have well adapted themselves to the saline and aqua environment of Sundarban.

In addition to Tigers, you can spot several other wild animals like Chital Dear and Rhesus Monkey. Moreover, Sunderbans is also noted for its population of the Ridley Sea Turtle. An incredible variety of reptiles are found in the Sunderbans that include King Cobra, Rock Python and Water Monitor. During the day time, you can see several crocodiles resting along the mud banks under the sun.

Sunderban Tours - What To Do
Boat Rides Boating is the most popular leisure activity, which you would like to take up in Sunderbans. On your boat trip, you can spot a number of wild animals drinking water by the lake or moving from one place to another. But, if you want to visit the estuarine delta area, permits are required. You can obtain this from the office of the Field Director, Sunderbans, Port Canning, 24 Parganas. By obtaining the permits, you can visit the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary and the Project Tiger reserve areas within Sunderbans.

Elephant Safari: Riding on an elephant back while exploring the deep forest area and its resident is one experience that we all want to experience once in our lifetime. And this is the best way to see the wild animals without becoming their prey. Elephant safari is a popular way to see the wild world.

Sunderban Tourism - Nearby Attractions
Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary : Located adjacent to the Sunderban Tiger Reserve, the Sajnekhali Sanctuary is considered a part of the Sunderbans. Known for its rich bird population, the Sajnekhali Sanctuary provides a visual treat for your eyes. At Sajnekhali Sanctuary, you can spot several colorful species of Kingfisher, Plovers, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Sandpipers, Whimbrels, Lap-Wings and Curfews.
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Piyali :Just 48 km away from Sunderban, Piyali is the gateway to the Tiger Reserve. Piyali is 72 km from Kolkata and close to Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali and Netidhopani.

Netidhopani : Visit Netidhopani where you can see the ruins of a 400 year old temple.

Bhagabatpur : Close to the Sunderbans, Bhagabatpur is another wonderful place which is known for housing a breeding ground of the world's largest estuarine crocodiles.

Kanak : Kanak is another interesting place, which is home to the Olive Ridley Turtles.

Kaikhali Island : While you are on the way to Sunderbans, you cannot miss a visit to the picturesque Kaikhali Island. With its natural beauty and charming surroundings, Kaikhali Island makes an ideal picnic spot.

Haliday Island : Haliday Island is also a must visit place near Sunderban.

Travel Sunderban � Where To Stay
Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge is the only accommodation available within the Sunderban Tiger Reserve. Situated atop the pillars, Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge offer living rooms as well as dormitories and meals in its dining hall. You can also stay in new resorts constructed at Gosaba and Bali Islands.

How to Reach
Airport: Nearest airport is located at Kolkata (131 km) which is well connected by several flights with major cities of India.
Rail: Port Canning (48 km) is the closest rail-head from Sunderbans. From Port Canning, regular trains are available for Kolkata. Road: Regular buses ply from Port Canning to Sonakhali, Raidighi, Najat and Namkhana. From all these destinations, launches can be hired to tour the waterways of the reserve. Boat ride is the only way to get around the Sunderban.

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